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What is an Assessment Profile and how can I set one up in TalentCentral™?

An Assessment Profile is a collection of assessments and reports that can be used as a basis for creating projects. These are saved in your TalentCentral™ platform account and can be added to a project. Assessment Profiles can be used to ensure the consistent measurement of job competencies across hiring events and teams.

To create an Assessment Profile:

Click on Create New from the top menu bar and select Assessment Profile.
Enter a name for your Assessment Profile. You may also choose to select a Level, Family and a Description, but these are optional.
Under Select Products*, search for the tests you would like to add to your Assessment Profile.
Click on the test name to view a description and, if applicable, specify the test level, language and comparison group.
To add the test to your project, click on the Add button. You may be prompted to select related items, if applicable. Click on Done when you have made your choice.
Confirm that Selected Products contain all the tests you wish to include in the Assessment Profile.
Click on Save when you are satisfied with your choices.

However, if you wish to create a project using your newly created Assessment Profile, click on +Save and Create Project.

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