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Where can I find support for questions I have with administering the CCSims assessment?
Below, you will find answers to common questions regarding CCSims.
Please note, for the purpose of this article, candidates will be referred to as 'participants'.
What reports can I get for CCSims?
  • There are 3 different reports available for CCSims – a Detailed Report, an Interview Report and a Development Report (for participants)
  • Sample reports and a product fact sheet can be found here
  • The Detailed Report and Interview Report include an Overall Score, which shows how well the participant has performed when compared with the CCSims Norm Group
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  • The Details section shows the scores for the 5 competencies that make up the simulation
  • The reports would only include behavioral scores if CCSims was used as part of a solution
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Why is my candidate’s score missing from the CCSims Report?
  • If the participant does not finish all the scenarios, their scores will not be recorded
Are there any adjustments available for a legally blind candidate who is taking CCSims?
  • The participant can have a test administrator sit in the room to assist with reading questions and navigating the assessment if your company is able to offer that accommodation
  • If the assessment does not work with their screen reader, we recommend conducting a competency-based interview with the participant instead or inviting them to come in so you can see how they work
If you have any questions, please get in touch with your local Technical Support team by clicking on the Contact Form widget on the right side of this page.

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